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Designer Nursery Lighting & Cottage Nursery Decor

Charn Pennewaert of Charn & CompanyAs we celebrate our 20th year in business, I am so proud to continue my family's legacy of fine lighting and home decor. When I was only 4 years old, I remember back when I watched my father bend wire frames and my mother take these unusual shapes and transform them into colorful silk lanterns. They were definitely works of art. All lit against the window panes of our furniture store, I too would some day be part of all this as I sketched away with my color pencils. Although I never received any technical training training as a youth, I was already gaining the tools that I needed for my future in lighting.  At age 19, I finally got my first lesson in lamp shade making. Although it took nearly an entire day, it was the beginning of an amazing journey of discovery as I created my own works of art with beautiful designer fabrics.  Looking back, I remember walking into showrooms with my humble copy of pictures, toting samples in hand, and full of excitement.

First Charn & Company designer rose lampshade From distinctive wood chandeliers to our floral appliqued lamps, Charn & Company's brand name grew and we now cater to several loyal children's showrooms and interior designers around the globe. I just love what I do and designing lighting bringing in new nursery ideas for boys nursery rooms or girl nursery rooms is always exciting.

"Lady in the Moon"

My poetic father named me "Charn" which literally means "Lady in the Moon." Hence, the logo was inspired by my fascination with light. There's a Chinese legend that talks about how the wife of a famous archer who was supposed to be poisoned by his enemies. After learning of this plan, the wife takes the poisionous elixir in his place to protect her husband from his fate. It was said that her spirit is seen drifting about the moon where she rests eternally. Not a bad story for a little girl whose imagination ran wild in a lighting store! Today, I continue to design and create delightful cottage style lighting and decor for children's rooms and nurseries. Having four wonderful children in my life has given me great experiences and design ideas for both boys and girls rooms. From whimsical wall sconces to light up a bunk bed area to wood chandeliers that unite a room, it's great to see colorful fabrics and finishes come alive. 

Stylish Cottage Style Lighting for all Nursery themes 

Shabby Chic Nursery collection : Bella CollectionThrough the years, I have made great acquaintances with some wonderful companies that also offer exceptional design and quality. From Elizabeth Allen Atelier's vintage florals to Caden Lane's exclusive moroccan inspired prints, custom lighting is made easy with beautiful fabrics from these popular companies. With over six collections to choose from, you choose the right lamp or decor for your nursery design. Fall in love with the Bella Collection as vintage style appliques are hand applied to beautifully designed room accessories and antique finished to create that cottage chic look. I just love designing this collection as it captures the vintage allure of the romantic era. Choose form six cottage chic colors from shabby white to shabby lavender for your decorating needs.A special thank you for all my loyal customers and a big welcome to all the new ones that will soon discover the beauty of custom lighting and cottage chic decor. Please feel free to contact us for personal service on your next design project.



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