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Ballerina Nursery

Design your ballerina nursery with fabulous custom ballerina decor, nursery lighting, and our favorite pick crib bedding for your Ballerina nursery theme. Of course, pink, cream, and white colors give the Ballerina nursery its soft elegant look. Charn & Company specializes in custom nursery decor so use your creative imagination and design your own ballerina room accents with our ballerina slippers and ribbon detail. You can add our Ballerina appliques to all our nursery decor items from designing a ballerina toychest, mirrors, diaper caddy, and personalized name plaques. Here are a few of our favorite Ballerina decor items to start your ballerina nursery project.

Ballerina Nursery 

  • Royal Ballet Bedding from Carousel Designs (
  • Ballerina Enclosed Stepstool
  • Ballerina Personalized Plaque
  • Ballerina Coat Hook
  • Ballerina Curved Wastebasket
  • Ballerina Deluxe Bookends
  • Ballerina Tissue Box Cover
  • Adeliade Chestnut chandelier 

Bella Ballerina Slippers Wastebasket

$ 104.00

The Bella collection invites you to an age of romance. Romantic appliques of floral designs are featured on home products for the bed, bath, kitchen, and home. Fall in love with this lovely Ballerina waste basket for your little dancer. Beautiful ballerina slippers with flowing ribbons are featured on this curved top waste basket.  This cottage chic accessory is ideal...

Bella Ballerina stepstool

$ 210.00

Step into a world of vintage allure and romantic artistry with the Bella Ballerina Custom Stepstool. Beautiful Ballerina slipper appliques are hand applied and antique finished to give your child's room a touch of magical charm. Your child will enjoy the secret compartment to store all her favorite things. This exclusive Ballerina slippers step stool design can be customized with...

Bella Ballerina tissue box

$ 64.00

The Bella collection invites you to an age of romance. The Bella ballerina tissue box is sweet and charming with adorable ballet slippers and a clusters of dancing ribbons. Your little dancer will love this delightful decorative tissue box holder in her room. 5W x 5L x 6H available in 6 cottage chic colors fits most boutique tissue boxes made...

Bella Bookcase

$ 650.00

Fall in love with romance and add the Bella Rose Bookcase for your favorite room and display favorite books and accessories on this two shelf bookcase with beautiful floral appliques and cottage chic beading detail. Store your favorite reads in this shabby chic cottage bookcase with painted floral detail. Design to last shabby chic furniture for your nursery bookshelf. two popular sizes  romantic floral applique...

Bella Charm Mirror

$ 72.00

Fall in love with romance and elegance from our Bella collection, featuring exquisite decor with old world artistry and antique finishes. Our Bella charm mirror is so delicately designed with beautiful floral appliques to entice and charm you. 7" Diameter cottage chic color selections made in the USA

Bella cluster oval mirror

$ 240.00

Step into a world of vintage allure and romantic artistry with the Bella cluster oval mirror from Charn & Company. Fall in love with beautiful floral appliques that adorn all sides of this large mirror for your favorite room. This shabby chic mirror adds style and romance to any shabby chic bedroom. 32W x 26H cottage chic color selections made...