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Bella Starry Custom Nursery Clothes Hamper

Custom Design Nursery Decor

Creating your child's first nursery is special. Every detail needs to be perfect from down to the colors and design. Whether you are having a boy or girl, their unique personality should be showcased in their nursery. Charn & Company is proud to offer custom details on all our cottage chic nursery products. From our unique Bella collection, we are able to add any upper or lower case letter to create your child's name or initials. Take a look at our latest Bella Starry Hamper with a monogram letter. Letter can be custom colored to coordinate with your room's design and color. Our Bella Starry Hamper is perfect for a baby girl or baby boy's nursery room.

The wavy top design along the edges and bottom design gives it that unique detail. We've added small and large stars to the front panel. For only $30 upcharge (per letter), you child's initials can be added.The large compartment hamper is the ideal organizer for your child's laundry or a storage unit for stuffed animals.

Take a look at what Bellini Baby & Teen from Wellesley, MA ordered for their client's nursery. The Bella Hamper retails for $240 and $30 additional for each letter. Isn't your child worth it :)


  • September 20, 2015
  • Charn Pennewaert
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