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Reinventing yourself can be so rewarding

So, we are heading into 2015. This is a special message to my customers, colleagues, and friends.

Charn Pennewaert on reinventing yourselfLife is unpredictable. As much as you try to plan your plan and hope to retire at this age, doing this job or hope to become the next millionaire, it hands you curve balls. I remember when I was only 16 and I was telling my older sister how I would marry at 27 and only have two kids max. I'd be a teacher or a news reporter like Connie Chung. Fast forward 29 years later and I am a business owner of a lighting and decor company, martial arts assistant instructor, and web designer with four really big kids. Yikes, this was definitely not the plan.Most often you meet people and those who collide in your life's path take you on another course. You have to pay attention to the signs and see if that's what you really want to do. If you have to convince yourself to do something, it's probably not the good idea. Stay vigilant to your cause and what makes you happy. So, I started my lighting company after realizing at 21 that it was my passion to design and of course, my first unexpected child had entered my life. You struggle and you find ways through the course. The company thrived for almost 15 years until the 9/11 and like most companies, we almost crashed. At that point, you say to yourself that you worked way too hard for this. This not the end.


So, plan A isn't working, let's figure out what plan B will be. You have to preserve and reinvent yourself. Think of yourself as an onion and the layers are slowly peeling away. There's always a new layer underneath and you keep finding ways to challenge yourself. My company ended joining forces with other companies to increase our brand recognition by developing joint catalogs and marketing programs where we would share our resources. It was time to huddle down and decide on plan B.Yes, it 's been a hard ride these past few years with the economic challenges. The employment rate is up and things seem brighter but there are still challenges. So, instead of wondering how to fit into this puzzle of booming technology and how to afford someone to build my new site and explain to me how social media all worked, I reinvented myself and so can you. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way.

plan bAnd yes, plan C was about to happen. In February of 2014, I decided that instead of repeating "I don't know and I can not do this", I decided to take on an internship to study web design and SEO marketing. It was like stepping into a big black room and seeing the light of one computer on. It was my time and it would mean having to learn as a student again. My advice is to take the time and ask questions. Practice what you learn over and over again. That's the only way you can get better. I went in each day for my internship with an eagerness to learn.

creation imageSo after several months of learning from a great web design company and fitting in extra hours to make it happen, a brand new site and brand new look for Charn & Company was introduced. I couldn't be more free, happier, and motivated to help other businesses and individuals to think outside the box. Over the past few months,  I have been offering my web design services to my good friends and small businesses. I can see more clearly why their business is not thriving while many of them had just given up hope. But, there's so much beyond the horizon.Technology is certainly booming so fast that it can be confusing but if you take one step at a time, and focus on the goal, it's really very simple. Connect with yourself first and you will have the strength to connect with others.  If you own a business and would like to gain online presence, I can help you reinvent yourself or brand. It won't cost a fortune and it's not going to take forever. We just came out with great LOOKBOOKS and ways to market effectively. Message me and I can definitely review your website and get you ready for 2015.

  • December 11, 2014
  • Charn Pennewaert
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